I saw Dr. Chen for a crown placement and fillings, and was astounded by the service that he and his staff provided. They really make you feel at home, and are extremely detail-oriented and caring. Dr. Chen himself is charming and skilled, and really goes the extra mile to make sure his patients are comfortable; my procedures went flawlessly, and he even rush-ordered my crown in a week(!) when I was on a tight schedule when every other place refused to do it in less than two. He even took the time to personally call me after my appointment to address some of my other dental concerns. If you can't tell already, I highly recommend Dr. Chen for any dental needs.

Steve S., May 2017   

I have been seen by Dr Chen for laser treatment for my recurrent canker sores. This treatment is indeed very effective for those who have been suffereing from Recurrent Apthous Ulcer. I underwent my first treatment with Dr Chen last year and I have experienced less flare ups. Dr Chen and staff are very caring and professional. He took his time to care for his patients and ensure that the patients receive optimal outcomes. Even though my dental insurance does not cover for the laser treatment, the charge of Dr Chen office was very affordable and reasonable. I specially thank you Dr Chen and Ms Hoffman for a wonderful care and amiable service. I definitely will refer my family members and friends to come and experience the best dental care in town. Thank you again, Lanh

Pheonix H., May 2017   

Dr. Chen and his staff are extremely accommodating and so pleasant to interact with. They are an excellent detail oriented group of people that really make sure my experience is smooth! I usually hate going to the dentist but their service really made all the difference. I had been originally seeing another dentist however switched due to location reasons. I am so glad I did! Dr. Chen filled my cavities back in July and I have noticed no problems whatsoever. In fact, he actually inspired me to take better care of my teeth. I came back today for a 6 mo check up and noticed the same quality of treatment from my first appointment. Sarah (technician) is such a sweetheart and really gets to know me and make me feel less awkward (because how do you really feel that comfortable when someone is digging into your teeth two inches away from you?!). After leaving I feel my teeth are super clean and shiny. Thank you guys!

Tiffany L., Dec 2017   

I have suffered my whole life with crippling dental anxiety. Like many people, my fear stemmed from a bad experience as a child with a rough dentist, and a terrible experience as a young adult. As a result, I avoided dental exams for 10 years. It was the referral of a friend, and tooth decay that could no longer be ignored that led me to Dr. Chen. I was terrified and needed to be medicated to even go through with the first round of repairs to my tooth. However, Dr. Chen's warm personality, humor, and sensitivity to my fears allowed to me relax and feel comfortable with him. He completed my crown beautifully and I am proud to say that my following cleaning was done with zero medication! My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Dr. Chen and staff for making me feel like family.

Jennifer P., Oct 2016   

After reading many yelp reviews my boyfriend and I decided to try Canyon Dentistry as our new go-to dentist and we are very happy we did. Dr. Chen is a great dentist and his staff are all top-notch!!! Everyone is super friendly and comforting. I haven't been to a dentist in years since moving to the OC area and I was very hesitant to go. But Dr. Chen was so nice and knowledgeable I felt very safe and knew I was in good hands. I also had the best teeth cleaning experience with Linda his dental hygienist. She was so thorough and gentle. Another plus is that Dr. Chen speaks Mandarin. I am considering bringing my mom over to Canyon Dentistry for her future dental needs. I highly recommend Dr. Chen!

Michelle M., Sep 2016   

I can't say enough good things about my experience here. I recently moved from overseas with my baby and had a sudden pain in my tooth. I found it difficult to get an appointment anywhere within the next month, but when I explained to the receptionist that I had pain and had to organize a time when my hubby could look after my baby, she was so accommodating! She asked the dr Chen if he could help me first thing the next day and he came in early just to help me. When I went in for my appointment, dr Chen didn't rush. He thoroughly checked all my teeth for any issues, then checked for any signs of gum disease. I went back this morning to get a filling done, which is what I've been dreading all week. But the whole thing was very fast and pain free. I only felt stinging when my tooth was being numbed and that was it. After that, I had my teeth cleaned and now they look great! I'm now making my husband go to see him to get his teeth fixed. I highly recommend going here. They are super friendly and very professional.

Leanne L., May 2016   

I started seeing Dr. Chen in 2015. I had a few cavities and a mouth full of silver mercury fillings that needed to be removed. I'm not a huge fan of seeing the dentist in general, but from the moment I walked into the office all my nerves were put at ease. The office is beautiful and relaxing and the front office staff are pleasant and inviting. Dr. Chen did a fantastic job at bringing my mouth back to health and with his calm demeanor I was able to withstand the hours of work that needed to be done. I highly recommend Dr. Chen and wish I had found him sooner!

Meghan L., Apr 2016   

Wow Dr. Chen! The work that you performed on my smile is Awesome! Your skill at creating my wonderful smile is beyond words but I'll try. You took something that I lived with for all of my adult life and have made it a focal point for me when I meet people for the first time or for multiple times. As a RE Broker a smile can provide confidence and a real connection to my clients. Dr. Chen and his staff are "Top Notch"! From the front office managers Megan and Peggy scheduling appointments and performing insurance checks and billing to the back office Dawn in assisting Dr. Chen, you have gathered a perfect team that shows your skill in Implant and Cosmetic dentistry. If anyone would need Implants and/or Cosmetic procedures, Dr Michael Chen should be the Only One on that List to take care of those requirements

Bill P., Jan 2016   

I Herlinda Sanchez, is so grateful to Dr, Chen, went to other dentist n they made a mess in my mouth, one put implants that were to big for my gums, I didn't have enough bone to use those implants, so they broke, so I went into the computer n found Dr, Chen , Canyon Dental Implant Center, he told me he was going to do his best to help. Thank God, he did a great job, n my implants are so beautiful, I have put all mt trust in him n all his staff, I recommend him to everyone, n u will be so happy,Thank You so much Staff n Dr, Chen, see u very soon just to say Hello, to all of you  

Herlinda Sanchez, July 2015 

My family has been a part of Dr. Chen's practice for many, many years. We have always had a wonderful experience. He is very knowledgeable and professional. The staff including Sara and Linda are so friendly and helpful 100% of the time!  

Linda Miller, July 2015 

I highly recommend Canyon Dental, all the staff are pleasant and courteous and I appreciate the complimentary remarks the hygienists make on my teeth each visit-nice to hear. Dr. Chen is also pleasant to work with and doesn't try to sell or up-sell you on anything like other dentists and their staff try to do.  

A Dailey, Feb 2015 

I highly recommend Dr. Chen. He is very skilled and knowledgeable, and he keeps up with all the new techniques and materials. He is gentle and patient, and he takes the time to answer all your questions. I also find his staff very friendly, helpful, and professional.  

Helene Farr, Feb 2015 

I have been seeing Dr. Chen for almost 14 years. He is very kind and an excellent dentist. The hygienist Sara who works on my teeth cleaning is also very good.  

G. G. Yueh, Feb 2015 

I am a Dentist,lat year Dr.Chen did for me an imlant on my second molar.Everything went so smooth as It can get.I am still using it now everyday without any problem.Thanks to Dr Chen' skill and his gentle hand.  

Ut. Duong, Jan 2015 

I had an implant done by Dr. Chen and am very satisfied with the service and the results. I am highly recommending Dr. Chen to anyone needing an implant or any other dental care..  

Trudy White, Jan 2015 

My experience with Dr. Chen and his staff are truly a pleasant one. I am very pleased with my dental implant. The procedure went very well. I am really impressed. I feel so comfortable with my teeth. Dr. Chen always pays great attention to detail. He also takes time to explain about my treatment. He is very professional and calm when he explains to me about my procedure and treatment. I never like to see a dentist but he makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Chen's staff are amazing as well. I was well taken care every time I was there. Dr. Chen is simply the best. He truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend.

Amy C., 03/01/2014   

I am impressed and very pleased with my implant! The implant process was painless and now I have a great looking tooth. Dr. Chen has outstanding skills and a comfortable chairside manner. All the staff have been helpful and professional. My insurance was handled efficiently. I am a very happy patient!

Bill P., 02/28/2014   

I recently had a implant crown put in and I had a great experience. Dr Chen really explained to me what was going on and what was going to happen during the process. It made me feel so much better about having it done and now it's finished and the result it is great. The staff there is also so nice and they all will answer questions if I have any. It's a great place to get dental work done, I highly recommend it.

Alyssa D., 01/04/2014  

I'm 53 yrs old.,educated and very well- versed on the receiving end of dentistry. I honestly am having difficulty describing how excellent DR. Michael Chen peforms his skill. I will say this. If Yelp had a 100 star rating, I would give him 1000. Thats All. VERY SINCERELY, Blake Golden  

Blake Golden, 2013 

4 Stars only because he doesn't wear a cape and fly! I have a problem mouth. At least that's what I believed and have been told for YEARS. Finding Doc Chen was a God thing. Starting in a Newport Beach high rise dentist office where another guy and a partner shuffle you back and forth to a chair in a different dentist office in Tustin next to a "coffee shop" I kept looking for someone could, with detail vision and clarity properly do dental implants, and a friend of my wife's said "oh hey! There's this incredible guy in Irvine...figuring that I had nothing to lose, I booked an appt with Doc C. Dude! Get this guy cloned. He said "I'm going to fix this" carefully and detailed he explained what he was going to do. In surgery he found out why I was having blackout headaches and always felt feverish. A piece of mercury laden metal was left behind by a dentist 20 years ago. Kelly something from Harbor Dental. Anyway he cleaned up the necrotic material (that's dead and black tissue for you non med types) today I am 1 month away from step two of implants. I'm healing well and have tissue growing to rebuild receded material. Doc Chen is AWESOME! Careful, detailed, confident, kind, professional. Oh the bad review. Check out the dudes other review. Give Doc Chen a try. Next year this time I will hve two new front teeth and no headaches and the low grade fever and neck stress is completely gone. Doc Chen cannot verify that the necrotic material that was removed was the cause of my constant health issues but I know this, it was removed, I saw the pictures, I have had only typical stress headaches and tension but I feel 100% better after the surgery healed and a run of antibiotics. My wife says I'm much happier too!

R C., 10/17/2013  

My family has been patients for Dr. Chen for the past 8 years since the office was in Tustin. I was looking for a second opinion when my previous dentist recommended more and more procedures. We were very pleased with the service and professionalism received from the staff. Dr. Chen is very thorough and always takes the time to explain to us about the diagnosis and treatment. It turned out I actually don't need that extra crown. My son was comfortable with the treatment that he did not gag, which was unusual for him. Just want to share my thoughts.

Cynthia K., 07/17/2013   

Great job you guys. Thank you everything. Have a great week. See you soon. Rick Colson  

Rick C.., 05/12/2013 

Dr. Chen is a wonderful dentist! He takes such pride in his work and will not stop until he feels it is perfect. His staff is kind and helpful. I found Dr. Chen through a friend when my dentist retired....lucky for me! 

Mary F., 04/02/2013  

I was having so much worries and fear about my wisdom tooth extraction, since many dentists I've seen didn't give me any comfort or confidence about how this could be done. Through a recommendation, I went to Dr. Chen's office to get a second opinion. The office staff and nurse were very nice and professional, the office was clean and neat, I was especially impressed by the soothing music and the calming atmosphere. Dr. Chen, gave me a thorough evaluation and gave me detail explanation about how to remove my partially covered and tilted wisdom tooth. I was really relieved and pleased that the procedure went smoothly and successfully, much better than I expected. Good dentists are not easy to come by, and Dr. Chen is definitely one of the better ones!

Lisa Y..,01/10/2013  

Have been going here for 2.5 years. Dr. Chen and his staff go out of their way to explain the results of your diagnostic tests and what they observe during cleaning. Somehow they manage to be really nice about it, not surly, condescending or making you feel overly guilty for skipping floss. Top notch scheduling and insurance benefits tracking. They will email and text you appointment reminders. They even let me know my employer's policy was changing and what (small) elections I would need to continue to breeze through cleanings without a copayment.

Chris K...,01/05/2013  

I ve been coming to Dr. Chen s office for 5 years. I love the new office. But the beautiful office was not the reason why I chose Dr. Chen. The professionalism of the Dr. and the staff was the reason why I m here. Dr. Chen has done several crowns and one implant for me. The process of the treatment had no pain and was done in a professional manner. It has been three years since dr. Chen placed my implant tooth. It had restored my confidence since then. 

Belle, 10/17/2012  

I've been going to Dr. Chen for about 5 years now and I highly recommend Dr. Chen and his staff. The quality of care he provides is excellent. I've had two dental implants a few years back and have been going to his office ever since. He really explained the procedure and was just very professional, but also a very nice guy at the same time. When I'm just in for a cleaning he'll pop his head in and take a look at the implants just to see how they are doing. You can tell he really cares about his patients. I feel like more than any other dental or medical office I've been to that they are by far the best, int terms of both care you'll receive and professionalism. The staff is very friendly also. Peggy is very helpful at the front desk. I'm not really a fan of going to the dentist in general but going to Dr. Chen has changed that for me. Big fan of this office!  

Leslie A., 09/15/2012

I am a retired nurse who moved from NY to CA two years ago. During this time, I had my regular dental check-up, cleanings and implants done in Canyon Dental Implant Center. I couldn’t be more pleased with every procedure and the results I received from Dr. Chen and his competent staff. Dr. Chen’s professional knowledge, experience and skills in dental implant and his hygienist’s skill in gum treatment and hygiene care are the best I have ever received. Every staff in his practice is professional, pleasant and perfect. I praised and appreciated them from the bottom of my heart. I recommended Dr. Chen and his staff to my husband and friends and they all had the same wonderful experience after visiting his office. Thank you, Dr. Chen, you and your team are simply the best.    

Diane, 09/08/2012  

I have been going to Dr. Chen for a few years now. I needed to get a dental implant and found him by googling various dentists when I wasn't too happy with my former dentist. I would highly recommend Dr. Chen. He is helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. His staff is very friendly also. I was not looking forward to getting two implants but the experience was way more pleasant than I could have imagined. I'm very happy with both implants that I had done a few years ago. He's a very nice guy and makes you feel comfortable. Peggy at the front desk is also very friendly.

Leslie A.,09/06/2012  

I have been coming to Dr. Chen s dental office for about 20 years. He is very professional and very knowledgeable with taking care of my dental needs. The dental office is like a home away from home ; beautiful surroundings and extremely friendly. I highly recommend his services.  

Nick, 08/14/2012  

I have been coming to Dr.Chens office since 07 and I really enjoy the experience and professional staff there. Always very nice people and the work I have had done is top notch. I highly recommend them to anyone in the area.  

Nicholas C., 08/10/2012

Dr. Chen is very knowledable and gentle, I have been coming to his office for many years. I Love his new Irvine office.. it is amazing! His staff is always very friendly and helpful. Sarah the hygienist does a through, yet gentle cleaning, every time. You can trust what you are told here andd you will be happy to have found such a good dental experience!   

Renee, 07/19/2012  

Dr. Chen is beyond great! My experience with him installing my two cubic zirconia molar implants was just wonderful. He outlines the entire process with you very well and is great at answering any questions you have along the way. The entire process was seemless with clear appointment dates. I would gladly recommend him to friends and family and any one receiving his services is in for a real treat. His office staff is phonemoneal as well. Truly a positive experience!  

Anonymous, 06/30/2012

Having a fear of dentists from early childhood, Dr Chen changed how I view a dental experience. He is very patient, with a soothing deameanor, plus he's a great dentist! Kudos to the office staff!  

Donna , 06/3/2012  

Dr. Chen is the only dentist I trust my teeth with!!! My family and I have been a patient of Dr. Chen s for over a decade. Prior to finding Dr. Chen, my teeth were chipped and damaged by other dentists and hygienists during routine cleaning as well as simple dental work. Dr. Chen was able to undo the damage and was extremely professional, knowledgeable and gentle in the process. I highly recommend him to my family and friends as he and his staff make dental visits a pleasant experience!    

Amy, 05/09/2012  

I learned about Dr. Chen a few years ago, through a friend's recommendation. For my entire adult life I have been apprehensive of dentists--mostly a carry over from some very bad experiences earlier in life. But I faced those apprehensions and made my first appointment. Dr. Chen is a very special person..patient and understanding. His support staff is best in the business--especially Peggy and Dawn. Because of my first experiences with this whole team, I am now engaged in a LOT of make up work for years of dodging dentists. Mike Chen, I can't thank you enough...I now not only have an outstanding dentist, I have a new friend! I have already recommended Dr. Chen to another person that was equally apprehensive with dentists, and will gladly do the same for anyone else who has similar discomforts. Dr. Chen and team...you are simply the best!

Terry W., 04/11/2012 

Great Dentist. My whole family has been seeing Dr. Chen over 10 years. He and his staff take such a great care of our dental needs that we follow him from Tustin to Irvine. He is so diligent in his work and his staff is so friendly. We love going to Dr. Chen's dental office. My kids never fuss about going to his office. They feel very comfortable going there. Dr. Chen is very on top of their brushing and flossing routine. My kids listen to him and do what he says accordingly. We have a lot of trust in his professionalism.

Cheri L. , 04/05/2012   

Dr Chen and his staff are the best!!! I have been seeing Dr Chen for more than 8 years and I trust his professional advice and dental care. Several years ago I was transferred to San Francisco CA however I refused to give up Dr. Chen for a local SF dentist. I now commute to OC from San Francisco for my dental care and hygiene appointments. I would not trust my dental care to anyone else and recommend him and his practice to my friends, family and co-workers. Sincerely Michael J. 

Michael, 03/31/2012

I went to see several different dentists for my dental implants before I decided to go with Dr. Chen. I need 2 implants. I am almost done with 1st one and just start on the 2nd implants. The experience has been great so far. He is always patient and gentle and never rush thru the procedure. I have not felt any discomfort or complication. I am very glad that came here for my implants. The staffs here are also very helping and pleasant. It has made the whole process a lot easier.   

Andrea, 03/28/2012

Dr. Chen is beyond great! My experience with him installing my two cubic zirconia molar implants was just wonderful. He outlines the entire process with you very well and is great at answering any questions you have along the way. The entire process was seemless with clear appointment dates. I would gladly recommend him to friends and family and any one receiving his services is in for a real treat. His office staff is phonemoneal as well. Truly a positive experience!  

Robert, 03/19/2012  

Dr Michael Chen has been my dentist for over 17 years, I have never enjoyed going to the dentist but none the less Dr Chen has always been gentle,and always made sure that I understood what he was to do,thus making it easy for me to attend my appointments, and have seen a few employees come and go and have always been taken care of in a professional manner,he has been there for me on a few emergencies as well.He was considerate to my fears of going to a dentist,and I was always at peace when under his care.  

Vienna, 03/15/2012 

Dr Chen is great. He is pateint and gentle. Dr. Chen placed an implant about 6 years ago and it is beautiful. My whole family sees him, and the teenagers are very comfortable at his office. The entire office staff is cheerful and extremely helpful.

Lesa, 03/13/2012  

I am very grateful for Dr. Chen.  Along with the usual dental procedures,  I have had several implants, my first with someone else. My experience has been so different between the two professionals.  Dr. Chen always makes sure I understand the procedures.  While performing the planned treatment he is always very sure, but very gentle at the same time. In my experience I have always been given all of my treatment options without being pressed toward the most expensive choice -- he gives me the ability to chose the best option for me.  He and his staff are very professional, but also empathetic.   I very much recommend Dr. Chen, and do so to all my friends who ask me for a good dentist.

Karen G.,03/04/2012 

Wonderful dental office!. Dr. Chen provides outstanding service with impeccable attention to details and great bedside manner. I am totally pleased with all aspects of service provided. Dr. Chen is the only dentist I've ever felt relaxed and comfortable with. I've even dozed off once during one procedure! Also, the staff is super nice!  

Pao C. , 02/26/2012  

Dr. Chen, I'm writing this review because I feel you deserve to be recognized for being an excellent dentist who cares. When I first visited your office last year, I was very impressed with your professional knowledge and the care you provided for the patients. Even though you had other patients waiting, you never made me feel rushed. I had long neglected my teeth because my prior disappointing experiences at the other dental office. The two front implant teeth you did for me are just gorgeous! Not only will I show off the new smile to my coworkers, family and friends, I will also recommend you to all of them without reservation. Thank you again for a job well done! Sincerely, David   


David, 02/24/2012  

A trip to Orange County. Dr. Chen was my dentist for many years when I lived in Orange County. Sadly, I needed to find a new dentist when I moved to Las Vegas. Last year, my new doctor, Dr. Kim, in Vegas informed me that one of my molars was beyond repair and recommended a dental implant. Dr. Kim didn't do dental implant and referred me to an implant specialist. I really hesitated to have such an important procedure done by a dentist that I didn’t know. Immediately, I thought about Dr. Chen. It happened right before I was about to visit my girl friend in California. I made an appointment with Dr. Chen while I stayed at my friend’s house. They moved to a new location. The old Tustin office was nice and neat, but wow, the new office is even nicer! Dr. Chen explained in details about the process of the dental implant and set me at ease right away. He used the new equipment and software to guide me what I would be expecting in the next few months. I was very impressed by the 3D images when he showed me the problem areas.

I need to do it right if I am going to spend the money. Dr. Chen is the dentist I trust to perform this major surgery for me. Since then, I’ve gone back to California twice for the 2nd treatment and the final crown delivery. I’m so happy that now I have a new tooth again.

Corinne P. , 02/07/2012  

BEST IMPLANT DENTIST. I lost my two front teeth because of sports injury when I was a child. I had the bridge of 4 teeth for years. However, the bone loss over the years has made my bridge unstable and wiggling. The gum line shows the space and doesn’t connect well with my teeth anymore. It became embarrassing when I smile and talk. And I’m only 40 years old! My parents never heard of dental implant when I lost my teeth. Now I know only the dental implants can give me back my smile. I found Dr. Chen through Internet and I’m so glad I did. I knew my case was very challenging because of the bone loss. Dr. Chen told me I need the bone grafts before he can place the dental implants for me. I patiently waited for 6 months after he did the initial bone graft surgery. The whole process took almost a year including implants and crowns. Now I have the beautiful smile that I always wanted since I was a child. I can’t thank Dr. Chen enough for what he gave me. My dental health is better than ever. Now I can chew and bite using my front teeth. It’s incredible!! Dr. Chen and his dental team are just superb!

Steve C. , 01/30/2012  

Dr. Chen is the best dentist I've been to. He IS a gentle dentist, and he always makes sure I understand all procedures. I have actually fallen asleep during implant procedures. He has done several implants for me, and all of them have been no problem. He is fair and thorough. I even like his sense of humor!


Karen, 01/11/2012 

great dr. and staff. Love coming to this office. Dr. chen and his staff are extremely friendly and professional. Our whole family started to see Dr. chen's since 10 years ago. My two kids love dr. chen. They follow dr. chen's instructions diligently in flossing their teeth. I wish they will listen to me the same way! We used to go to their old office in Tustin. Now after they moved to the new location in Irvine, it's only 10 minutes away. With all the advanced technology in the office and his gentle touch, Dr. chen made me feel I'm receiving the best possible care for my dental health. Great staff and great team.

Michael C. , 01/19/2012  

Thank you, Dr. Chen!!!. I had a missing tooth that needed a dental implant. I've been thinking about having it done for a long time and I've been putting it off. I did a lot of the research on the internet about the procedure and finally decided to go for it. My friend Steve recommended Dr. Chen to me because his whole family go there. I'm so happy that I found Dr. Chen. He explained the whole process to me with his high tech stuffs. I felt I was in the classroom listening to a good lecture. He is very sincere and knowledgeable. I felt I can fully trust him. Now I just finished my 2nd phase of the implant. Dr. Chen told me that I need to wait for a few months for the implant to bond with the bone before I can come back for the final delivery. Can't wait!!  

Tony W. , 01/14/2012 

Dr Chen is THE best Dentist. He is very patient, kind, thorough, I love it when I dont understand something and he takes the time to explain everything. He is a god-send....The staff is just as friendly as he is and they always smile. I recommend him to all my friends, family and co-workers........  


Heather, 01/07/2012 

Michael Chen has been our  trusted dentist for many years. Our family appreciates  the  quality of dentistry Dr. Chen & his staff offers. This is not the  average "drill & fill" dental office you can find anywhere in Orange County....  we have always received   the most knowledgeable,  honest and safest dental recommendations from Dr. Chen. His dental work is the highest quality and uses the latest technology.  Whenever we recommend Dr. Chen, our friends  are grateful and thank us!  

Cindy H., 12/22/2012  

Dr. Chen was very thorough in explaining the implant process which made me who is nervous feel very comfortable and at ease during the entire implant process. The entire office is great. Today, the last stage of tmy first implant process was completed and now i have seen first hand the amazing results of implants. I now have back teeth where previously had a partial. I would recommend Dr Chen for anyone who is considering dental implants, I felt comfortable with his experience and knowledge and am quite happy with the results.

Alisoviejogirl, 12/01/2011 

Amazing office staff and Doctor! Just finished stage 2 of my implant process. No pain, no swelling, no kidding! I was very very nervous about the whole thing. I found Dr. Chen on the internet (which made it more scarry), but I have been so blessed to have!! His workmanship is superior. From my first visit, I had amazing comfort of the technical expertise and wonderful patient care! Thank you Doctor Chen & the staff!

Maria, 10/26/2011 

I was looking for a new dentist and was highly recommended by a few of my friends who already go to Dr. Chen. When I first met Dr. Chen and staff, my first impression was professionalism. I was greeted right away and was taken care of in a timely manner. The best part was Dr. Chen was super gentle and productive with my time. Now I can highly reccomend everyone to consider Dr. Chen as your new dentist!

Teri D. - Aug 25, 2011 

Our family has been going to Dr. Chen for over 8 years! We appreciate his outstanding dentistry as well as his patience in throughly explaining every procedure and option to us. They use all the latest equipment and the office is gorgeous!  

Dr. Chen used the laser in several of my treatments and it gave me wonderful results and was painless. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Best hygienist I have ever experienced, very knowlegable and through. I have confidence in Dr. Chen and recommend him often. He really cares about his patients.

Anne, 05/18/2011

Dr. Chen is gentle and compassionate with nervous patients, like me! He explained the implant process very throughly ,answering all my questions patiently. This office is modern and up to date with all the latest dentistry - metal free implants and laser procedures. I am glad to have found Dr. Chen for my implants, he is very knowledgable, skillfull and has a good humor. Great staff in his office, too!

Bill P. - May 19, 2011 

Dr. Chen and his staff at Canyon Dentistry always treat the patient with the best quality. He uses the state of the art equipments in his office and always keeps the environment clean & neat. He and his staff explain everything clearly to the patients and I believe that is one of the most important qualities from health care profession. My husband and I would not switch to other dentist since we started using his dental care more than 10 years ago.

 Annie Y. - May 4, 2011

My whole family goes to Dr. Chen. He has top of the line equipment, beautiful office, and very friendly staffs. Dr. Chen has very gentle hands and great skills. He is a perfectionist. He shows you before and after pictures of your teeth, it's amazing. His hygienists are wonderful, too. My husband just had a crown done, he was so happy that he can finally chew on his beloved steak.We are so glad we finally find the perfect dentist to take care of our dental health. Dr. Chen is GREAT!!!

Jade, 4/26/2011  

My wife and I have been going to Dr. Chen for several years. Neither of us liked going to the dentist, but that changed after seeing Dr. Chen. His staff is very friendly, and he is a great dentist. Our teeth have never looked better.

Jeff, 04/14/2011   

Dr. Chen is very down to earth, easy going, and explains everything to you before he does anything. The staff is very professional and always has smiles on there faces. I recommend Dr Chen to anyone who may be a little anxious about coming to the dentist. no anxiety here!

Anjie - Apr 13, 2011 

Excellent workmanship and I am very happy to pick doctor Chen to do my implant. I highly recommend anyone to doctor Chen. Thank you doctor Chen to a great result.

Jaime, 04/11/2011  

My experience with Dr. Chen has always been pleasant. The staff over there is friendly and the environment is comforting. Dr. Chen is professional and informative. He always takes the time to explain, sensitive to patient's feeling and followup after the procedure. I would definitely recommend him.  

Cynthia K. 02/19/2011 

Dr Chen has done my dental implant and I can not be more happy about it. His professionalism is outstanding, he takes time to explain any procedures and uses the latest equipment available. Dr Chen has a beautiful office, and it makes you at ease as soon as you enter it. His staff, is wonderful, professional, friendly and effficient. If you want the best for yourself and your family, Dr Chen is the answer for you, you will not regret it.  

Corinne P. 2/10/2011 

I have had numerous dentists work on my teeth. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Michael Chen, whom I consider the best of the group. He always explains in details what the dental problems are and shows me the troubled area with the TV imaging system. He then patiently explains what my options are and gives me his honest professional opinions. He performed some difficult reconstruction work to save my two upper front teeth. Now, I can smile with confidence!! I'm also extremely sensitive with the dental pain. Dr. Chen used the painless laser drilling equipment to treat my problem area. That really helped my nervousness.  

Belle W. Feb 9, 2011